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Weaving together historical research and firsthand accounts, the author examines the transformation of the high-end apartment building into a world-famous hotel often inhabited by itinerant Hollywood directors and actors…This eye-popping and entertainingly lurid tale of Hollywood scandal and intrigue will delight readers. Nearly every famous and infamous figure from the last 90 years makes a small or large appearance. Read An Excerpt.

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About The Castle on Sunset The definitive—and salacious—history of the iconic hotel that Hollywood stars have called a home away from home for almost a century. Listen to a sample from The Castle on Sunset. Also by Shawn Levy. Product Details.

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Read it Forward Read it first. Pass it on! Stay in Touch Sign up. We are experiencing technical difficulties. This is why you come to Cappadocia. To catch feelings while watching sunrises and sunsets on rooftops. I mean, look at the gorgeous sunset we caught? What more do you want?!

Love at Sunset Lake

It was so beautiful watching it set over the formations and also houses in its line of setting. With its phallic shaped formations, I was intrigued to see what it would look like at sunset. I will be honest, there was nothing too memorable about this sunset. Maybe we were on the wrong side of the valley?

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Or the sun was having a personal moment? But it was just ok. At some point, we might have been the only ones there so I think this might not be a very popular sunset location because the view is not very sunset viewing worthy. As much as we love visiting the popular spots, we also love to find those cute not-very-obvious or not-very-talked-about gems. This one blew our minds. We were actually headed up the Sunset Point on the last night of our holiday but Mr E got carried away playing street football with the locals.

By the time he was done, I knew that there was no point going up to the Sunset Point because we would miss its peak.


Added by 1 of our members. The colours were so deep and mesmerising! We seem to have a lot of gorgeous sunsets from Mozambique. Stone Town is especially vibrant and full of character. With this in mind, I asked some travel bloggers to share their favourite sunset pictures from their own adventures around the globe. Maybe we were on the wrong side of the valley? We hope you'll join this exciting event!

So what did we do? We went through a few back roads knowing the path the sunset would be since we had gone up the Sunset Point a few days before. Then bam! The sun started to set in the most gorgeous mix of colours. We found a little secluded area and relaxed and just watched the sun until it totally disappeared from the sky. I have seen beautiful sunsets in so many countries and I know I am obsessed with them. Every sunset is different especially in different parts of the world.

I find sunsets in summer to be more striking; sunsets in tropical areas to be so much more colourful think pinks, blues and purples and sunsets in drier lands have more earthy tones think oranges, dark yellows and browns.

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset (Official Audio)

Cappadocia did give us a lot of beautiful moments and I am so happy we went there. The perfect 5-year anniversary gift we gave ourselves. This concludes my Cappadocia series. However, for the next and final Turkey blog post, stay tuned for what I got up to in Istanbul. These are such colourful views! I need to work out my timings better as I do love a good sunset view!