Sarge Gets a Timeout (Humorous chapter books for children ages 9-12) (Sarge In Charge)

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President Bush also had the VA review all existing disability awards which probably caused this backlog.

VAntage Point

I was informed that my claim was sent back to the Development Stage because they want a medical opinion. What does this mean? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

here Let me explain a few things. I was a 63W Hotel 8. This means heavy wheeled vehicle mechanic Diesel mechanic and recovery specialist tow truck operator. I went thru so called therapy for a few days not weeks and sent back to work. Nothing else was done to help me to resolve the issue of my back. But now I am starting to feel arthritis in my knees and shoulders.

I did a claim for these issues before in and received a decision saying these issues bilateral shoulder and knees have been deferred. Please explain deferral and denial because the claim review did not read that correctly on my file which I sent a copy with my claim form. I received a letter now saying that they have been denied based on that decision.

A deferral is something that has to have more proof it exists, correct? It may not have been evident while in service but it is showing its ugly head now as I have aged. MRI showed arthritis and a bone mass does lie and my other radiologists either. I am going to have surgery on my right shoulder to remove bone that has grown and causing pain that I have been complaining about for years.

The other shoulder later. So what can I do to make sure that I am heard when telling doctors what has been going on with me from the time I got out til now? How can we make them listen to our cries for help when they brush us off as complaining VETS? How can you get your records from your old command that shows you reported sexual harassment and sought psychiatric help while on duty but was told it was your fault? This is so hard to prove and why should we have to scrounge up records that we have no access to or the commanders who were in charge at the time.

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There has to be an solution. I filed my disability claim back in August of just a week after my retirement from 28 years of service. The VFW represented me in filing my claim.


Initially the VA was prompt in giving me status on my claim. First July, then August, now November. Is there anything that I can do to help things along? To Mr. Pamperin or Mr.

I gave them everything they asked for, and I know CRF38 and the presumptive rules, and I meet all of them. What can I do to speed it up since I am trying desperately to hold on to my 3 day a week job and am on final notice for absences and emotional. I am deteriorating, especially since the VA gave me meds to make me a zombie most days I take them.

I now know why vets are homeless and am scared that it might happen to me. I have been fighting 20 yrs on my own and need the VA to help me now. I am 43 and some days I can barely walk. Will his letter be enough to establish service connection for an agent orange claim? During my military service, I made sure that everything that I figured would give me grief later in life was documented in my medical records. When I retired in , I brought my complete medical records to the Boulder County, Colorado VSO who promptly assisted me with my application, made copies of my medical records, and submitted my application.

Within a few days, she had a physical scheduled for me at the VA in Denver. I had to go back to the VA for additional tests which gave me pause for concern , and then within ten months of retiring, I had my disability rating. On this forum, I see a lot of situations where people have difficulties understatement. I just wanted to put it out there that there are cases in which people have a positive experience with the process as well.

Who is in charge, and why are they not held accountable for the delays? I am a recently retired Vet, and cannot for the life of me figure out why my claim is taking months to process. This diagnosis was made after a sleep study was done at a VA Medical Center.

This diagnosis was made prior to my retirement, while still on active duty. Please explain to me what could possibly hold up this claim. It is service connected diagnosed while on active duty. The VA Medical system made the diagnosis, and is providing the equipment. It meets the requirements under CFR 38, Section 4. Is there something I am missing here? A 3rd grader could read the requirements, evaluate the evidence and award my claim for disability! What is the hold up with the VA? How much time is actually required to process this claim? Has that process ever actually been studied?

Does the VA not realize that by delaying this claim, they are causing undue hardship? Hi to all fellow Vets, Has anyone had any experience with VA compensation claims related to the Camp Lejeune water contamination studies from the s and s?

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Cure of tendon injuries is essentially practical. Using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications coupled with Physical Therapy, rest, orthotics or braces, and moderate return to workout is a common therapy. Resting assists in the prevention of further injury to the tendon. Ice is effective at soothing pain, restricting too much swelling, and stimulating blood circulation after the fact. Compression and elevation both perform similarly to ice in their ability to restrict excessive, unnecessary inflammation.

Initial recovery is commonly within 2 to 3 days and full recuperation is within 4 to 6 week. Will M. August 25, at pm. After reading your post I am compelled to detail my rather disturbing and frustrating experience in hopes of soliciting some guidance.

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Then returned to Germany. In early I filed a claim for service connection at the St. Petersburg Regional Office related to my Gulf War service for several illnesses consistent with the clusters and symptoms of illnesses outlined in the statutes. Along with my claim I submitted extensive medical documentation and underwent a compensation and pension examination at the request of the regional office.