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Bimbos and Backwoods Beauticians. Andersen's article proposes that the pleasure jointly shared by both an ASMR video creator and its viewers might be perceived as a particular form of 'non-standard intimacy' by which consumers pursue a form of pleasure mediated by video media. Stacey, a pharmacologist, searches the rainforest for a rumored drug with remarkable powers. For it cannot be doubted, that a local excitement of irritability may be gradually propagated over the whole nervous system; and that, from raising some parts of the body to a preternatural state of sensibility, the common character of those who are called Virtuosi, is generally marked with nervous debility. We love bringing life to your erotic fantasies.

And I was not thinking straight. I really wanted to see this, to learn about how this all worked. I tried to keep my voice calm. I tried to sound clinical. I have never seen anybody do that before. Consider it an educational demonstration for me. It was certainly my first opportunity to witness an erect penis. But Gary did not need to know that. Okay, you are not going to tell anyone about this, right? Cross my heart. Who would I tell anyway? What would I tell them? He walked up closer to me, standing about two feet in front of me as I sat on the bed watching this demonstration with amazement.

I could feel myself grow wetter as I watched my brother stroke up and down is long rigid shaft within arms reach of me. I was captivated by the beauty of the purple head straining upward against his downward strokes. I quickly concluded that it certainly could not fit inside me without doing a lot of damage.

The thought trying to accommodate such a large erection inside me both scared and excited me at the same time. I had a major urge to reach down and touch myself. It took all my limited will power to resist that temptation.

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Today, I am a married woman with two children, and this memory is still one of the most erotic moments of my life. He seemed to sense my state of arousal. While still slowly stroking up and down his rigid pole with his right hand, he reached down with his left hand; Gary took my right hand and raised it up.

I remember vividly feeling the warmth, and the weight of his engorged penis. It was firm, but incredibly smooth. The texture was like nothing I had ever touched before. The sight and touch served to arouse me more profoundly than I have ever been before. God, I wanted to reach down and touch myself.

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I have never wanted to touch myself more. I knew I could climax almost instantly with even the slightest stimulation on my clitoris. But I refrained from doing that, from touching myself. Even as I was telling myself and my brother that we could not do this, I willingly wrapped my fingers around him and felt the thickness of an erect penis for the first time. My fingers barely could encircle the entire thickness of his shaft. After closing my fingers, I just froze, leaving my hand in place as Gary humped his erection in and out of my hand.

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The thickness, rigidity and weight of the erection all surprised me. I was simply unable to process the enormity of this event at the moment. I knew my sexual curiosity, which had led me to looking at my brother, was totally inappropriate; but I never intended to actually touch him, certainly not masturbate him. My entire world seemed to be moving in slow motion. And as absurd as it might seem, I felt as though it was not me, but someone else inside my body doing this.

It felt as though I was watching myself from outside myself, and that I no longer controlled my own actions. Gary then took my wrist and started moving my hand for me, demonstrating what he wanted, or needed, me to do for him. After two or three strokes of my fist driven by Gary, he released my wrist and I continued to move my fist up and down, pumping his erection in time with his hips thrusting back and forth.

Involuntarily, I started rocking my own hips, and squeezing my legs together as I masturbated my stepbrother inches from my face. I was caught up in the most erotic and arousing experience of my young life. Oh damn, you are good. Oh shit.

see url I was squeezing my legs together tightly now, stimulating my erect clitoris between my thighs without directly touching myself. I did not understand what was happening, or why I was reacting as profoundly as I was, but I was caught up in the total eroticism of seeing and touching my first erection; and giving my first hand job. It shot out so suddenly that the white gooey substance seemed to simply appear in the air above the head of Gary's cock.

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Sitting there with my legs tightly squeezed together, I started to cum as I pumped his cock in my fist. Other than squeezing my legs together, there was no physical contact on my private parts; yet I managed to have a powerful orgasm; the most powerful orgasm of my young life. My entire body shook and quivered as the waves of pleasure rocked though my vagina. I could feel myself spasm in wave after wave as my vagina seemed to open and close involuntarily forcing my lubrication to seem to squirt out of me, making the gusset of my panties very wet.

It was the most intense response I had ever experienced.

Breaking the Silence: Sexual Hypocrisies from Thomas Jefferson to Strom Thurmond | SpringerLink

Gary did not seem to notice my climax; he was too wrapped up in his own orgasm at the moment. I think he attributed my loud moan to my surprise at his semen erupting from his erection; not because I too had just cum. One of the most salient memories I have of that moment is the aroma of his semen. I had not expected semen to have any odor. I guess I never even thought about is. But the poignant scent that permeated my nostrils only served to increase my arousal and further embed this event into my memory. I stopped pumping his penis for a moment.

I am not done yet. Immediately a third string of semen shot from his erection; this one not as large, not as powerful. I am too sensitive now. I was amazed at how stimulating it was to give my first hand job and to jack off my stepbrother to orgasm. But most of all, I could not believe I had a climax with no physical contact or stimulation at all.

I suspect most of the readers think I am exaggerating. You probably think no one can reach a climax by merely squeezing their legs together. I assure you I did on that day a little more than a decade ago. But truthfully, it never has happened again to me. It is my one and only orgasm without direct vaginal or clitoral stimulation. Yes, I was learning a great deal. My heart was pounding in my chest.

I was panting, trying to catch my breath. I held my semen covered hand out, not knowing exactly what I should do or where I should go to clean up. I was in a state of shock. The enormity of what I had just done, understanding the magnitude of the sin I had just committed and the social mores I had violated had not hit me yet. I was still caught up in my post-orgasmic euphoria. I actually felt a bit intoxicated with it all. My head was truly spinning as I tried to process all of what had just happened. Its white translucent color seemed to change as I examined it.

It seemed to go from thick white, to a translucent, cloudy color right before my eyes. The entire experience seemed surreal. But my first exposure to semen remains one of my most vivid memories I have, even to today. I have been attracted to semen ever since that moment. I smelled the sticky material; it definitely had a unique, and very distinctive aroma. An aroma that I found somewhat pleasant, but I did not know why. The scent seemed to connect with some deep primal instinct that I did not understand.

As I was studying the gooey mess on my fist and wrist, Gary fell backwards on his bed, appearing to be exhausted, totally spent. Thank you. You are wonderful. Can I do anything for you now? A wave of guilt and embarrassment came crashing over me.

This was a one time experience. We should not have done that. But I am fine. You need to get dressed.

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