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There is speculation that the President's daughter is among the names thrown into the mix to replace Jim Yong Kim. But to score the role she'd need at least 50 per cent of the Bank's leadership's support, writes Mike Callaghan. William Barr, who is expected to be approved as the US's top law enforcement officer, says he would not bow to political pressure to undercut Robert Mueller's investigation into possible links between the President's election campaign and Moscow.

Donald Trump welcomes champion college football team the Clemson Tigers to the White House for a fast-food celebration dinner of truly American proportions, which he says he paid for himself. One of several scenarios could play out before we see an end to the longest partial US Government shutdown in history. In the meantime, Donald Trump and his Democratic rivals are drawing battlelines for the presidential election, writes James Glenday. The National Congress of American Indians condemns the US President for invoking one of the worst native massacres in the nation's history to poke fun at Democrat Elizabeth Warren over her purported Native American heritage.

In his first direct denial since a media report claimed the FBI previously investigated whether he acted against United States interests, the President categorically says he never worked for Russia.


Canadian air traffic controllers buy hundreds of pizzas for their American counterparts at airports throughout the United States in what has become an industry-wide show of support during the US Government's partial shutdown. US President Donald Trump avoids directly answering the question put to him by Jeanine Pirro, a personal friend at Fox News, after a report said law enforcement officials — concerned about his behaviour after he fired FBI director James Comey — began investigating the possibility.

Texas Democrat Julian Castro formally announces his White House bid, making him the first Hispanic in what looks to be a crowded field of candidates vying to challenge President Donald Trump in the November election. Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard announces she is running for president in , with the year-old congresswoman set to court controversy over her meeting Bashar al-Assad in Syria and her anti-interventionist foreign policy positions. Many of those left without wages are seeking other jobs to earn money and those who are working without an income are uncertain if they will be back paid.

Roger Sewani concedes not everyone likes Donald Trump, but the President's election win has been "absolutely brilliant" for business at his store in Trump Tower, where foreign tourists clamour for Trump-themed souvenirs to take home. The US President flies to the Texas border with Mexico to try to bolster his case for a wall, flanked by tearful family members of people killed by illegal immigrants, and by border patrol agents who are not being paid during the shutdown. The US Secretary of State delivers a scathing rebuke of the Obama administration's Middle East policies, denouncing what he says was misguided and wishful thinking that diminished America's role in the region.

The US government shutdown is currently President Donald Trump's third, and is now the longest in recent history, beating Bill Clinton's day record. Beijing announces it has deployed intermediate ballistic missiles to the country's north-west region, saying the weapons have the capacity to destroy US ships entering disputed waters in the South China Sea.

The US President says a meeting with opposition leaders over his Mexican wall proposal was a "waste of time", while Democrats are accusing him of throwing a "temper tantrum". Like a year seven student writing his first persuasive piece for English class, Donald Trump threw out "facts" and "statistics" yesterday to add authority to his case. As usual, he sent the fact-checkers into overdrive, writes Emma Shortis. The allegation marks the first time prosecutors have accused Mr Trump's chief campaign aide of sharing information related to the election with his Russian contacts.

The information was accidentally revealed in a defence filing that was meant to be redacted. US President Donald Trump uses a nationally televised address to once again pitch his concept of a border wall between the United States and Mexico, without taking the extreme step of declaring a national emergency.

A Russian lawyer who became a focal point of the investigation into whether there was collusion between Russians and President Donald Trump's election campaign is charged with obstruction of justice in an unrelated case. Turkey's President rejects US calls to protect its Kurdish allies in Syria, saying there would be "no concession" in Ankara's push against what he describes as terror groups in the war-torn country. As Donald Trump prepares to make a prime-time national address tomorrow, the White House looks into the legality of declaring a national emergency to circumvent Congress and begin construction of the wall along the Mexico border.

Jim Yong Kim, who was at odds with the Trump administration's policies on climate change, announces he will resign effective February 1, more than three years ahead of his term's expiration.

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It's not hard to see who's getting the most out of these meetings between Trump and Kim 'A handshake means a lot': Trump meets Kim at Korean demilitarised zone 'Both lose in confrontation': China and US agree to restart trade talks Donald Trump wants to meet Kim Jong-un at the border to 'say hello'. Latest Donald Trump video. Trump lauds Grisham appointment Grisham served as deputy press secretary in the White House in January and worked as Melania Trump's communications director.

Trump signs off on economic sanctions The US President says Iran's supreme leader is responsible for the countries' conduct towards the United States. DC Washup Podcast. Gun Reform? Trump jokes to Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election' With a smirk and a finger point, US President Donald Trump dryly tells Russia's Vladimir Putin "not to meddle" in the election in the wake of the Mueller probe concluding Russia interfered with the presidential campaign. Five things we learned from the first Democratic debates Kamala Harris makes her mark, Joe Biden is haunted by the past, and Marianne Williamson becomes a meme.

As Trump and Xi meet, the risk of a deadlier conflict looms in the background The other countries matter, but at this G20, there's only two countries that hold the fate of the world order in their hands, writes Stan Grant. As the Democrats who want to beat Trump debated, the President tweeted from the skies Ten Democrat candidates hit the stage in Miami, debating why they should become the party's nominee to take on Donald Trump in — and the President was watching.

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Morrison will meet with Trump while at G20 to discuss US-China trade war In his first Summit meeting since being re-elected, Scott Morrison secures a "working dinner" with Donald Trump and his most trusted advisers in Osaka, Japan, on the eve of this year's G20 talks. Robert Mueller to publicly testify before US Congress US special counsel Robert Mueller, who issued a report on Russia meddling in the US presidential election, set to testify in an open session before two congressional panels in July.

America's super-rich urge presidential candidates to 'tax our wealth more' Dubbed the Billionaire's Club, a group which includes Facebook's co-founder and a Disney heiress, plead with US presidential hopefuls to make the ultra-rich do their "patriotic duty" by paying more tax, potentially helping to address climate change, improve the economy "and strengthen our democratic freedoms". Trump hints at 'obliteration' after calling off strike on Iran with 10 minutes to go The US President says there will be "obliteration like you've never seen before" if the country does go to war with Iran, but adds that he is "not looking to do that".

It's now pretty clear that Trump is trying to avoid direct confrontation with Iran Why do current tensions between the US and Iran feel like an elaborate game of chicken? Donald Trump is trying to buy time as tensions with Iran near tipping point The US President says Iran made a "very big mistake" in shooting down a surveillance drone but later follows up with a very literal interpretation, saying the attack "probably" wasn't intentional and just someone being "stupid", writes Zoe Daniel.

https://prolsoabarlute.tk US denies 'spy' drone shot down by Tehran was in Iranian airspace Amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington, Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards say they have shot down a US "spy" drone that entered Iranian airspace — but the US military says the incident occurred in international airspace. While Trump moves troops, the Pentagon gets cyber-ready A tweet-storm from Donald Trump suggests he's furious that the prospect of cyber war with Russia has been raised in a week where he hoped to paint Iran as the bad guy, writes Matt Bevan.

Trump kicks off re-election campaign with promise to 'Keep America Great' Jabbing at the press and poking at the political establishment, President Donald Trump officially kicks off his re-election campaign at a Florida rally, exhorting thousands of supporters to keep advancing his political movement to put America's "own citizens first".

Trump denies asking Shanahan to withdraw from defence secretary race Acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan abandons his quest for the top Pentagon job as after reports of domestic violence in his family emerge, plunging the leadership of the US military into new uncertainty just as tensions with Iran are rising. Democrats don't stand a chance — unless they follow this strategy Could the most unpopular president in modern American history win a second term? Four years ago, Donald Trump was a long shot.

She's everything that Trump's not. Could it help her snare his job? Trump calls London Mayor a 'disaster' after spate of killings US President Donald Trump launches a fresh attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, saying he will "only get worse" after three people are killed in the UK capital in less than 20 hours. Saudis demand 'rapid and decisive response' to tanker attacks, as oil prices rise Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stokes tensions in the Middle East, blaming Iran for attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman and saying his kingdom will not hesitate to deal with any threat to its interests.

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Donald Trump blames Iran for oil tanker attacks Iran accuses the US and its allies of warmongering while the US Defence Secretary says America's focus is on building international consensus, although they are always planning contingencies. Donald Trump could be in re-election trouble. Or the polls could be wrong, again There's still 16 months left until the Presidential election, but the US is coming down with a bad case of poll fever, writes Zoe Daniel.

Trump says 'nothing wrong' with accepting dirt on rivals, but colleagues disagree US President Donald Trump says he would see nothing wrong in accepting damaging information on future political opponents, drawing a strong rebuke from colleagues in Congress. Two silver bullets collided in London last week and they hold a warning While calls to impeach Donald Trump are growing, there are those who feel that firing this supposed silver bullet would be a huge mistake, writes Micheline Maynard. China's threatening to restrict the metals that power our phones — here's what might happen From your next smartphone to your car, digital devices rely on rare earths, but a threat from China to strangle the global supply could reshape the world as we know it.

Trump denies calling Meghan Markle 'nasty' in spite of recording President Donald Trump insisted on Sunday that he never called Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and the wife of Prince Harry, "nasty", despite an audio recording to the contrary.

What Is To Be Done? Safeguarding Democratic Governance In The Age Of Network Platforms

These are the 25 people who think they can beat Donald Trump A record field of Democrats have announced they'll run for president in Trump seemingly makes Russia admission in Twitter blast at Mueller United States President Donald Trump appears to admit on Twitter that Russia helped him get elected, but says it was a "crime that didn't exist" and backpedals when questioned by journalists. Mueller appears at last … and leaves as nuanced and mysterious as ever Despite US President Donald Trump's claims of exoneration, special counsel Robert Mueller left live the possibility he was among the wrongdoers, but his message — like the man himself — is as opaque as ever, writes Conor Duffy.

Trump is furious with Australia. Will Sinodinos walk into the fire? Trump needles Japan over trade imbalance during visit The US President tells a gathering of Japanese and American business leaders in Tokyo that Japan had long had a "substantial edge" in trade with the US, joking that might be the reason why he is so liked in the country.

Trump 'declassifies everything' to probe Australia's role in Mueller report The US President says he will declassify documents about the origin of the Mueller probe, including some that mention Australia. Pelosi says Trump threw 'temper tantrum', suggests intervention US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accuses the President of throwing a "temper tantrum" at a meeting with Democratic congressional leaders, suggesting a family or staff "intervention" after a dramatic blow-up at a White House meeting.

Papadopoulos and Downer tell us about the drink date that started the Mueller investigation It was a single drink in a London wine bar that tipped investigators to a possible connection between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia. Trump storms out of meeting after Pelosi accuses him of Russia 'cover-up' The US President abruptly ends a meeting about infrastructure after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Mr Trump is "obstructing justice and engaged in a cover-up" and warns they could be impeachable offences.

Former Trump aide won't testify in front of Congress after White House warning A former legal adviser to US President Donald Trump is set to defy a subpoena to testify before Congress about the Russia investigation, after the White House directed him not to appear. Is this the man who could beat Donald Trump? Dow Jones plunges after China retaliates against Trump's tariffs Global stock markets dive as China defies Washington by announcing retaliatory tariffs, the latest salvo in the two countries' increasingly belligerent trade dispute, sending investors fleeing shares for less risky assets.

Is this gay millennial couple destined for the White House? Trump's Attorney-General is in hot water. Here's five things that could happen next Democrats and Republicans are gearing up for another battle over the Mueller Report. Trump tees up top civilian gong for golfer Tiger Woods Golfing great Tiger Woods, a long-time business associate of Donald Trump, now has a Presidential Medal of Freedom to add to his trophy cabinet.

Why is Trump considering military action in Venezuela?

US Attorney-General hits back at 'snitty' complaints over handling of Mueller report William Barr pushes back at special counsel Robert Mueller's complaints about his handling of Trump-Russia investigation report and rails against criticism by Democrats who accuse him of spinning the report in the US President's favour. Frustrated Mueller said summary of Russia meddling probe 'lacked context' The letter exposes a rift on whether Attorney-General William Barr adequately conveyed the gravity of the Mueller report's findings on Russian meddling in the US election.

Trump plans to charge an application fee for asylum seekers wanting refuge in US President Donald Trump proposes charging asylum seekers a fee to process their applications as he continues to try to crack down on the surge of Central American migrants seeking to cross into the United States. Donald Trump is right to be worried about his Twitter numbers — here's why Last week Donald Trump met with Twitter's chief executive to reportedly vent about losing followers. Russian agent jailed for attempting to infiltrate US politics A US judge sentences Maria Butina to 18 months in prison for conspiring with a Russian official to infiltrate a gun rights group and influence US conservative activists and Republicans.

How did Kim Jong-un get his limos?

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The manufacturer has no idea The German vehicle maker says it has not had business dealings with North Korea for more than 15 years, but that it also has no control over or responsibility for third-party sales. Democrats need something or someone to rally around. Joe Biden probably isn't it To beat Donald Trump, Democrats are going to have to face the reasons why he won in and good ol' Uncle Joe might not cut it, writes Zoe Daniel.

Biden announced he's running for president. Then he stopped for pizza Mr Biden, 76, had been wrestling for months over whether to run, and he faces questions over his behaviour with women, with several coming forward saying he made them uncomfortable.