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All of my photos may be used on covers, just not on the inside of the book. Soon these terms will be rewritten to have the difference outlined. Thank you so much, Kyla! You should be aware that this article is a bit misleading and could cause some serious legal trouble for authors if they are unlucky. None of the Stock sites you mention shutterstock, rf, canstockphoto and so forth allow images to be used on explicit erotica covers by their TOS.

The stock agency are only a distributor of images and not legally responsible. Just saying. I always advise any erotica author to obscure the face unless they have obtained the image from a site which specializes in images for this particular purpose for this very reason. In general how do you suggest obscuring the face— or do you have any cover examples you might point to? This allows me to move and resize as required without losing image quality.

Where to find erotic stock photography for your book covers

Careful purchasing is essential. The Abominable Dr. Forbes series uses this technique instead. I hope that helps. Use an Image together with pornographic, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or immoral content.

That clause has been there for as long as I can remember. Basically so long as you use it for erotica it should be fine, but the moment you use it for taboo subjects like PI, Dubcon, and so on it heads into questionable territory. When you pay more for your images, you move into the territory of professional models who work with professional photographers, and those images become available from sites which specialise in stock for erotica. Thanks Raymund. The CanStockPhoto model release form requires that the model be 18 years or over, or that a legal parent or guardian sign the release form should the model be under A great resource list for erotica authors!

Please do note that Amazon has become very strict with covers lately and nudity has to be kept to a bare or rather dressed minimum — not even thongs or a side-breast sticking out will pass anymore. Also, on stock sites one cannot just use any image for an erotica book — one has to choose appropriate images that will not offend an innocent model that does not pose for sexy-type images.

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I found myself melting into it, sinking into his touch, seduced by the taste of him and how he so expertly commanded me with one touch. Popular Posts Erotica for men Interest in what "erotica for men" has continued to grow since the day I posted the thoughts below A lot of the ebook distributors sell oodles of free erotica ebooks of dubious quality. The Dictator by Penelope Sky The only reason I'm still alive is because of the baby growing inside me. This is huge—definitely worth my redundant blog post here. Samantha Grace. Fuck me now.

Thanks for mentioning my site. There really is something to be said for a quick turnaround on a complete cover rather than spending half a day searching for stock then more time creating a cover from it!

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Thank you for providing a vital service! I learned this the hard way. I think enough authors protested and finally in July RF changed its image policy — check it out at this thread on the Kboards:. But you might not feel like trusting them again. Resources Where to find erotic stock photography for your book covers. You may feel the temptation to pinch pictures off the internet.

Do not do this. Why not? Theft is bad. If you intend to write professionally, behave professionally. Free Erotic Stock Photography There are some sites which offer stock images for free. Speaking of naff vectors…. A thousand times yes! Curse your skills, Aubrey! FZ June 26, at AM. Scarlet Cox June 26, at PM.

These are fantastic resources! Thank you! Scarlet Cox June 24, at PM. Kyla Li May 23, at AM. Scarlet Cox May 23, at PM. Kyla Li May 29, at PM. Scarlet Cox June 4, at AM. Bumbi April 24, at PM. Scarlet Cox April 27, at AM. Scarlet Cox May 9, at PM. I hope that helps Reply. Bumbi, have you had luck with requesting permission for models with hidden faces?

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Ivy Jaymes April 5, at AM. Scarlet Cox April 5, at AM. Hi Ivy, That clause has been there for as long as I can remember. Raymund Hensley March 27, at AM. Extremely useful information. Once again, another great post! Scarlet Cox March 27, at AM. Thanks Raymund Reply.

Erotica-Specific Stock Photography Sites:

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