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Items not primarily made of metal are not meaningfully affected by being partially made of sunsilver. For example, a scimitar or breastplate can be made of sunsilver, while a quarterstaff or hide armor cannot. In addition, items made of sunsilver are immune to rust effects such as rusting grasp. While in an area of bright light, a shield or suit of armor made of sunsilver shines brightly, allowing the wearer to reflect light at nearby foes as a move action.

When she does so, creatures adjacent to the wearer must succeed at a DC 12 Fortitude save or be dazzled for 1 round. Armor and weapons made of sunsilver are always masterwork. To determine the price of a sunsilver item, add 25 gp per pound to the price of a masterwork version of that item. Sunsilver has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 8. This deep green volcanic glass is similar to obsidian but is formed when molten rock is tainted with anomalous trace minerals from deep beneath the earth whose emanations are toxic to living things.

It can be fragmented to razor sharpness, but even a tiny amount of viridium contacting the bloodstream can pass on a wasting sickness. Any successful hit with a viridium weapon causes the target to contract leprosy Fortitude DC 12 negates. On a successful critical hit , a tiny fragment of viridium breaks off within the target, affecting it as though with greenblood oil Fortitude DC 13 negates. A creature carrying a viridium weapon must save every 24 hours or contract leprosy unless the weapon is kept inside an extradimensional space such as an efficient quiver or a scabbard lined with lead.

Oozes, plants, and outsiders are immune to the deadly emanations of viridium. Viridium weapons have half the hardness of their base weapon and have the fragile quality. This removes the fragile quality from the item but does not otherwise affect its abilities. Grioths wield weapons fashioned from a strange sort of transparent material called voidglass. This material is as hard as steel, but made of crystals that voidglass shapers on unknown worlds grow into the desired shapes. Any suit of armor normally made from metal can be made of voidglass. The creatures and perhaps other strange beings with similar psychic capabilities can funnel violent bursts of psychic energy through these weapons on a hit.

In the hands of any creature, a voidglass piercing or slashing weapon deals 1 additional damage on a hit—bludgeoning weapons gain no benefit. Voidglass has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness A pound of raw, unworked voidglass is worth gp. Vanara woodworkers craft this extremely flexible material in a time-consuming process.

Whipwood is actually a composite of several bendable wooden fibers woven and fused together to form a flexible but sturdy unit. Only wooden weapons or weapons with wooden hafts such as axes and spears can be made out of whipwood. Whipwood loses its special qualities if under the effect of an ironwood spell. The root of the wyrwood tree has a peculiar quality.

When a weapon constructed of wyroot confirms a critical hit , it absorbs some of the life force of the creature hit. The creature hit is unharmed and the wyroot weapon gains 1 life point.

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As a swift action , a wielder with a ki pool or an arcane pool can absorb 1 life point from the wyrwood weapon and convert it into either 1 ki point or 1 arcane pool point. A wyroot weapon can gain at most 1 life point per day and hold up to 1 life point at a time. More powerful wyroot weapons can gain up to 3 life points per day and hold up to 3 life points at a time.

Any unspent life points dissipate at dusk.

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A creature can convert life points from only one wyroot weapon per day. Wyroot can be used to construct any melee weapon made entirely of wood or with a wooden haft.

Constructing a weapon that can hold 1 life point increases the cost by 1, gp, constructing one that can hold up to 2 life points increases the cost by 2, gp, and constructing one that can hold up to 3 life points increases the cost by 4, gp. Source : Special Materials and Power Components. Those listed in this product are all material components and as such are consumed in the casting as we found though playtesting that power components that function as foci tend to be unbalancing, since foci end up working like unlimited metamagic rods.

You can only use one power component to alter or augment the casting of a single spell at a time. Power Components and Magic items : Power component affected magic items do not function like metamagic rods; they instead apply their benefit to a single spell effect the item can produce. You can only apply one power component to one effect on an item at a time.

Source : PSCS 3pp. Asbestos cloth will not catch on fire and armor constructed from asbestos cloth provides resistance to fire and heat. Asbestos clothing and cloth armor composed primarily of asbestos is immune to fire damage and is never at risk of catching on fire. However, this property only imparts fire resistance 5 to the wearer.

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Objects constructed from asbestos cloth cost twice as much as their normal counterparts, but they take no longer to make than ordinary objects of that type double all successful Craft results. Asbestos cloth has the same statistics as normal cloth.


Book or Bell? I was going to offer him my parting salutation, but he turned his back upon me, saying: Once more you have escaped punishment, Athenian; but you cannot elude my vengeance. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. On the a priori assumption that prophecy is impossible? There's a problem loading this menu at the moment.

Growing in underwater forests in shallow waters, black seaweed is a relatively common commodity in coastal areas. When wet, it is inky black with slightly lighter veins. When dried, it looks almost like tobacco only darker and much more fibrous. Black seaweed is often used as a rope substitute by aquatic races, especially in construction of nets, due to its strength and resistance to seawater.

Black seaweed must be kept moist at all times. The moment it is removed from salt water it begins to deteriorate and lose its strength. Before this point the seaweed can be brought back to its normal state by submersion for one hour in salt water. Once 8 hours have past the deterioration is irreversible and after 24 hours out of water it is dry and brittle hardness 0, 1 hp and easily broken apart like any other dried plant. Storing black seaweed in any liquid other than seawater slows the process to one-fourth its normal time 32 hours to begin drying out, 96 hours to become brittle but does not completely prevent it.

Source : LG:LS. This rust-red metal is a special form of steel despite the name that is infused with blood in the forging process, usually that of a ritualistically- sacrificed and oftentimes sacred animal such as a rooster or bull; in evil societies or particularly- desperate situations, a human sacrifice might be used.

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This ritual involves both costly materials such as special incense to burn during the entirety of the process and a skilled craftsman, hence the high price f or such a weapon. The end result is a metal that always seems to be slick with blood and has a distinctive iron-and-copper scent, no matter how much it is cleaned. A weapon made of blood-iron is always considered masterwork. Finally, the weapon gains the deadly quality; if the weapon would already have the deadly quality, the benefits stack. Any armor primarily made of metal such as a chain shirt or breastplate can also be made out of blood-iron.

Unlike other special materials, the process of creating blood-iron allows a weapon to be formed from it even after its initial creation. A masterwork weapon that is primarily made of metal including the heads of arrows or spears, or other wooden-hafted but metal-tipped weapons and is not otherwise a special material such as bronze, cold iron , or silver can be converted into a blood-iron weapon by paying the additional cost and using the normal rules for crafting mundane equipment.

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As fresh blood must be provided in order to create such a weapon, the character must either find a noteworthy sacrifice which may prove more difficult than first assumed or give some of their own blood; 3 hit points per character level is enough. Dried bone is as tough as wood and in many ways almost as versatile, being used for weapons as well as for the art of scrimshaw. Bone can be sharpened much like some stones can.

This unusual and extremely rare material has a few secrets that those uninitiated to psionic sciences are typically unaware of.


First, all brill radiates a faint psychokinetic aura. Second, the material can be tapped for power points , though doing so can be very dangerous and it may even destroy the stone. To tap into the power of a brillstone, the own must place it in his mouth and expend psionic focus as a standard action.

The owner then gains 1d6 temporary power points. On a roll of a 6, the owner gains another 1d6 point points. On subsequent rolls of 6, another d6 is rolled and that many power points are gained until something other than a 6 is rolled. Any time the owner gains more than 9 power points from a brillstone, the stone is utterly destroyed. If the stone is not destroyed, it cannot be tapped for power points again until 24 hours has passed.

Immediately upon receiving power points , regardless of the number of times a d6 was rolled, the owner then takes energy damage equal to the total number of temporary power points he has gained no save. The type of energy is determined by the last roll of the d6: 1: cold, 2: steam, 3: electricity, 4: sonic, 5: acid. Copper-plated objects take half damage from acid effects. Armor composed primarily of metal that is plated in copper confers to its wearer acid resistance 1 for light armor , 3 for medium armor and shields, and 5 for heavy armor. Copper-plated weapons that channel or that deal electricity damage deal 1 extra point of electricity damage per electricity damage die on a successful hit this extra damage is multiplied on a critical hit.

For example, a magus channeling a 3d6 shocking grasp spell through his copper-plated longsword via the spellstrike class feature, would deal 3 extra electricity damage on a hit.

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Items made from coral, chitin, or sea shells are refined and shaped through various alchemical processes. They are relatively cheap, but not particularly strong compared to objects constructed of metal. Source Underdark Adventure Guide 3pp. Using precious stones to line the edge of bladed weapons, crystalline weapons are capable of slicing through the toughest of hides. A weapon edged in crystal ignores half of the armor bonus granted by armor round up. Against magical armor , this applies only to the armor , but not the enhancement bonus of the armor.