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Muchas gracias! Login to Comment. Andrew shows how to select the words, modify the original text, change the text colour and begin to show what this preset can do as part of a bigger animation where this preset is used to include words which will eventually be individually animated to create a coherent sentence when extracted from the paragraph.

In the second tutorial Andrew will show how to create an exclusion group such that the other text can be faded into the background and the final tutorial will show how to animate the selected remaining words into place. Tutorial, Video Tutorial Andrew Devis. The final part of this series will show how to select each of the originally selected words such that they can be independently animated to form a coherent sentence.

Andrew also shows how to deal with potential animation problems should you accidentally move the word before setting the stop-watch as well as reminding us of the standard options to help finesse our animation.

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Having recently completed a training course, Andrew Devis was asked about some more advanced uses for the repeater tool when working with shape layers in After Effects. Andrew has produced 2 'Extra' tutorials to go with his earlier tutorial on the repeater. In this first 'Extra' tutorial, he shows how to create a simple man with shapes, repeat him across screen and then down screen with a couple of repeating options to create different looks and then how to scale the whole animation on the screen to give space for additional motion graphics work.

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Animated Text. Flash Video. Zoom Area. Insert extra time.


Transition per object. Transition per scene. Context Menu. Adjust Playback speed. Automatic Keyframing.

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Mouse Functions. Edit Zone. Click Zone. Events - Example. This is in seconds.

Offset of Animation — With this option, you can configure exactly when the animation will start. Without this, many animations would run before the content was in the viewport. Choose between Default, Top of element hits bottom of viewport, Top of element hits middle of viewport, or Bottom of element enters viewport.

The specific settings for this image are Slide , Right , 0. There are also two global options relating to Element Animations, as seen below. How Can We Help You? Search for:. For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy. Extras Tab Animation Options.